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    Maximize healthy fat loss and muscle gain

    No other platform maximizes healthy fat loss and muscle gain better. Developed and tested in-market over 8 years with 10,000+ clients.

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    Always make the correct macro changes

    Utilizing input data from a medical grade
    bio-impedance body composition machine,
    the platform’s intelligence provides nutrition
    plan macro change recommendations to
    optimize client results.

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    Organize and simplify your business

    Manage and communicate from your
    dashboard command center, with all of your
    clients, coaches, stores or regions.
    Scaleable to allow you to manage 100’s of
    locations, 1,000’s of coaches and 100,000’s
    of users.

Do you struggle with your nutrition business?

  • Would you like a better way to organize, track and manage your clients or locations?

  • Do you need more clients, referrals, customer retention or income?

  • Do you find it difficult to monitor and ensure client compliance to your meal plan?

  • Does consulting and meal planning take too much time?

  • Is it tough for you to justify the cost of your nutrition coaching?

  • Do you worry about making the “correct” macro changes to a client’s meal plan?

We make nutrition simple, so your clients get better results and your business grows.

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The LifeBase platform has helped people like you!

Lifebase works for everyone regardless of your current nutrition knowledge or experience. If you need to maximize healthy client fat loss and muscle gain in less time with less effort, you need LifeBase.

  • Registered Dietitians

  • Nutritionists

  • Nutrition Coaches

  • Personal Trainers

  • CrossFit Coaches

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Power Lifting Coaches

  • Sport Coaches

  • Gym/Studio Owners

  • Chiropractors

  • Nutrition Store Owners

  • Supplement Store Owners

  • Wellness Coordinators

  • Health Coaches

  • Medical Directors

  • Nurse Directors

  • Naturopaths


Nick Mitchell

Head Wrestling Coach, Grand View University, 8 consecutive NAIA National Championships - 2012 to 2019

“LifeBase takes the guesswork out of our athlete’s nutrition. It has given us a huge, safe advantage over the competition.”

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    Allows you to scale your business and manage 100’s of clients

    The platform creates the assembly line for custom nutrition planning, but enables personalization for each individual client.

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    Make the “correct” macro changes to improve customer compliance

    You’ll no longer need to worry about making the correct macro changes. The platform enables better, more sustainable results.

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    Increase retention and referrals

    The platform allows issues to be identified
    and addressed in real-time, ensuring client
    compliance and results. Results increase
    loyalty, retention and renewals.

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What makes LifeBase so different?

The LifeBase platform is revolutionary. Utilizing active learning, predictive analytics, graphical feedback and recommendations, the platform takes in client body composition readings and advises the coach which macros need to be adjusted and to what degree. Within this “closed loop” system, the active learning platform is a true paradigm shift. Continuous grading and delivering results hones the evolving optimal balance (whole foods vs. processed, carbohydrates vs. proteins, etc.) of what is most effective for each client. This both sets and reinforces expectations of body composition improvement, fat loss and muscle gain. By personalizing the platform to each consumer, we are able to align directly to what individuals are already seeking. The practical result of this sustainable, healthy lifestyle is ongoing compliance and tremendous loyalty. Thousands of clients have maximized their healthy fat loss and muscle gain using the LifeBase platform.

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  • I needed help with client accountability. LifeBase is the first “closed loop” nutrition platform I have ever seen. The feedback loop for the coach and client is just amazing.


    Scott H.

    MSc/Dip CISSN, Nutrition Store owner and Certified Nutrition Coach
  • I want to make a difference in the lives of my client. LifeBase automates tedious aspects of my business, so I can focus on relationship with my clients.


    Joey B.

    Gym, BootCamp & Nutrition Store owner & Certified Nutrition Coach

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