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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to delivering a science-based approach to personalized and optimized nutrition so that every member can achieve transformative health.

Our Core Principles

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LifeBase Maxims

  • Evolve immediately

  • Challenge conventional wisdom

  • Always be innovating

  • We are on the offense — always

  • LifeBase is a company

  • Master the fundamentals

  • LifeBase is a brand

  • The consumer decides

  • Be a sponge

  • Simplify and go

  • Do the right thing

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We Transform Lives through Personalized Nutrition Coaching, Meal Planning & Technology

LifeBase Strategic Brand Initiatives

  • 1 Initiative 1

    Deliver a proven and transparent science-based methodology and product analysis.

  • 2 Initiative 2

    Deliver a uniquely personalized and superior user experience.

  • 3 Initiative 3

    Provide the highest quality nutritional foods and supplements.

  • 4 Initiative 4

    Design and develop innovative and effective tools.

  • 5 Initiative 5

    Provide nutritional education that is grounded in science and current understandings.

  • 6 Initiative 6

    Maintain the highest standard for healthier transformation.

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About Us

LifeBase is an innovative nutrition software platform that simplifies and automates the nutrition coaching process to create credibility and consistency for coaches and deliver improved health outcomes for their clients.

Comprised of four (4) main components:

  • 1

    Coaching command center dashboard

  • 3

    Medical-grade bio-impedance body composition measurement device

  • 2

    Machine learning automated coaching

  • 4

    Consumer macro exchange tracker app

These components combine to not only improve client compliance, the platform advises the coach when and how much to adjust a client's macros to maximize results based upon inter-cellular and extra-cellular water ratio changes. This optimizes client results and simplifies and automates the process of nutrition coaching allowing coaches to manage, track, and communicate with more clients in real time, for every meal, every day, enabling them to grow their business.

The results empower consumers to make informed decisions about their health, learn how foods impact their bodies and improve their body composition by maximizing fat loss and lean muscle gains.

Founded in 2019 and based in Sioux Falls, SD, LifeBase empowers nutrition coaches to help individuals and athletes achieve the best versions of themselves, regardless of their nutritional and fitness starting points.

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